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In accordance with Trial Rule 81 of the Indiana Court Rules, the Allen Circuit and Superior Courts hereby give notice to the bar and the public that the Courts propose to amend the Local Rule(s) on June 1 for the courts of record of Allen County, effective January 1, 2018. All new text is shown by underlining and deleted text is shown by strikethrough. [Supreme Court approval is required for Local Rules concerning Allen County and may not take effect until approved by the Supreme Court.]

pdfClick here for the full notice and changes


Allen Superior Court's current local trial rules pdfcan be found by clicking here.

All Indiana counties are required to have local court rules, some of which must be approved by the Indiana Supreme Court (See Indiana Trial Rule 81 for more information).

The Allen Circuit and Superior Courts together comprise Indiana's 7th Judicial District. For information on District 7 leadership, rules and governance, click here.


Local Civil Rules
Adopted September 8, 2000, Effective November 1, 2000
Including Amendments Received Through January 1, 2015
Pages 1 – 36

Local Family Rules
Including Amendments Received Through November 1, 2012
Pages 37 – 53

Local Criminal Rules
Effective January 1, 1995
Including Amendments Received Through February 1, 2016
Pages 54 – 64

Joint Local Rule #2
Pursuant to Administrative Rule 15
Including Amendments Received Through July 1, 2016
Pages 65 - 68

Small Claims Division of Allen Superior Court – Civil Division
Adopted Effective January 1, 1988
Pages 69 – 83

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