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Criminal Division

criminal division


The Allen Superior ReEntry Court provides returning inmates the tools with which to successfully re-integrate back into the community with the assistance of electronic monitoring, field officers and case management. Offenders work through programming, job search and areas of behavioral change while receiving support from judicial oversight, community/faith-based mentors, and local employers.

ReEntry Court IMPACT Evaluation

The Reentry Court program was originally populated by offenders being supervised dually by the Allen Superior Reentry Court and the Indiana Parole. In the end, the offender shift went toward split sentences, whereby offenders received probation time along with their executed sentences. Offenders are released to dual supervision with Probation after serving their executed time with Judicial oversight.

ReEntry Facts

  • The Allen Superior ReEntry Court began operations in 2001 and has continued improvement through the present day.
  • ACCC is a full spectrum service provider in Criminal Justice, offering workgroups to operate the Reentry Court Program.

Court Schedule

Allen Superior ReEntry Court is in session every Monday at 1:30pm at the Allen County Courthouse, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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