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Criminal Division

criminal division

        ACP is a free-standing Court Alcohol and Drug Program and derives its authority to operate from IC 12-23-14 in accordance with Indiana Judicial Conference Rules for Court-Administered Alcohol and Drug Programs. ACP provides problem-solving alcohol and drug services to substance use-involved offenders charged with or convicted of predominantly misdemeanor offenses and who are determined to be in need of intervention, education, referral, treatment and/or rehabilitation for substance use in addition to Court supervision. These offenders are sentenced to the Program by Allen Superior Court and the Program accepts these offenders pursuant to the Court's authority under I.C. 35-50-3-1 to suspend any part of a sentence for a misdemeanor and elect not to place the offender on probation, while limiting the services provided to that offender by the Program to those authorized by I.C. 12-23-14-6. The Program operates as an assessment, referral and supervision agency designed to change the offender's alcohol/drug abuse patterns and lifestyle. The Program successfully collaborates with a multitude of community resources and agencies. The Program is committed to providing the best possible rehabilitation services that can be offered to the offender regardless of the length of sentence. The length of supervision on the Program is driven by charge class (C misdemeanor 60 day sentence, B misdemeanor 180 day sentence and A misdemeanor 365 day sentence).

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